Spectacular homemade bread

It has a flavor and texture that’s better than anything you’ll find in a store and requires

  • No bread machine
  • No stand mixer
  • No hand kneading
  • No baking stone

Takes about 15 minutes of actual work and tastes incredible!

Homemade No-Knead Bread

Kitchen scale
4 -6 quart plastic food container with lid.
Small pot or dutch oven with heatproof lid, about 7″ across

Important! A note about the pot lid: Google the manufacturer’s instructions for your pot and make sure that the pot and lid can handle 450°F in the oven.

500 grams Bread Flour, unbleached, un-enriched, if possible.
400 grams Water – if you have great tap water, that’s fine.
If it smells bad or has chlorine or there’s anything else wrong, use bottled water.
1/4 teaspoon Instant Yeast
12 grams Kosher Salt

Directions compliments of Steve W.


  • Whisk yeast and water together until dissolved.
  • Add flour and salt. Stir thoroughly with handle of wooden or plastic spoon until there is no dry flour visible.
  • Cover and leave for ½ – 1 hour.
  • When it looks like dough, take out of bucket.
  • Stretch dough, fold in half, rotate 90°. Repeat 4 – 6 times until you feel the dough tighten up
  • Put it back in bowl, cover. Let it double in size, approximately 4 hours.
  • Do stretch again as above. Return to bowl. Let it double in size, approximately 4 hours.
  • Preheat oven and pot with lid to 450° about ½ hour before baking.
  • When doubled in size, transfer dough to hot pot; use gravity to help. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, cover and put into oven.
  • Remove lid after about 20-30 minutes and bake another 20 minutes with lid off.
  • When the bread looks crusty and dark brown it is done. Cool on rack. Enjoy!

Makes 1 loaf.

Note that the timing isn’t critical as long as it has at least doubled in size. You can happily leave this on the counter then check it in the morning.