Why do I feel exhausted in the morning?

  • Still tired in the morning? Always want “just one more hour?”
  • Does your “Significant Other” say you snore like a walrus and stop breathing?
  • Do you sometimes wake up gasping for air?
  • Can’t stay asleep?

Sleep apnea makes your sleep ineffective. No amount of bad sleep will make you feel rested.

Take the Epworth Sleepiness Test for free and see if you’re sleepier than you should to be!

Now when I go to sleep, I wake up feeling good!

I wish I’d done it decades ago.


Went to the doc about my snoring. He made me do a sleep study, and I was given a cpap machine. WTF, all I do is snore. I don't need to be hooked up in my bed like a dying old man. Oh well, might as well give it a try....ZZzzzzz . . . . .. (wakes up) OMG! I haven't slept in years!!

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