Why do I feel like crap in the morning?

Chances are good that you have Sleep Apnea!

However you don’t remember it because it happens while your brain is offline (you’re asleep). Sleep Apnea is one of the few conditions I’m aware of that makes you forget that it happened.

Do you wake up to go to the bathroom? Apnea increases urine production. The bathroom is the effect, not the cause.

Still tired in the morning? Always want “just one more hour”? Sleep apnea makes the sleep you do get, ineffective by preventing you from reaching all the needed stages.

Does your “Significant Other” say you snore like a walrus and stop breathing? Or sometimes or gasp for air? That’s classic Sleep Apnea.

Can’t stay asleep? Apnea is one of the causes of some types of insomnia.

Take this free, private online quiz to help you find out. I wish I’d done it decades ago.

Now I go to sleep, and wake up ~8 hours later feeling pretty good!

Went to the doc about my snoring. He made me do a sleep study, and I was given a cpap machine. WTF, all I do is snore. I don't need to be hooked up in my bed like a dying old man. Oh well, might as well give it a try....ZZzzzzz . . . . .. (wakes up) OMG! I haven't slept in years!!


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