Turkey Burgers

These are amazing. I think these actually taste better than beef.

This makes 4 nice thick burgers with a beautiful crust.

1 19 Ounce Package  Aldi’s Ground Turkey 93% lean.
1 English Muffin
1/2 Onion, finely minced
1 T Worcestershire Sauce
2 T Ketchup
3/4 t Salt
Freshly Ground Black Pepper to taste
1/4 t Garlic Powder
  • Put the English Muffin in a food processor and process until large crumbs.
  • Combine all the ingredients except the turkey (this includes the English Muffin crumbs)
  • Mix in the turkey.
  • Shape into 5 patties with the middle thinner than the sides. This makes them come out flat when cooked, not like meatballs.
  • Heat a cast iron griddle to about 425°F
  • Don’t touch them until they release themselves!
  • Flip over and cook the middle reads 160°F. Serve on hamburger buns.
  • Optional: Top with a slice of cheese.

Makes 4 burgers, 4 WeightWatcher’s FreeStyle points each.
If made with 99% lean turkey, they’re zero (0) WeightWatcher’s FreeStyle points each!


For some reason the ground turkey from Aldi’s comes out a lot better than the Ground Turkey from other places.  I’m not sure why. If you guys try different brands, let me know how it comes out.

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