Sam is a Yellow Lab Mix that we adopted from the CNYSPCA when she was about 6 months old.Sammi Snoozin'

She’s interested in everything, and when young, often confused the dining room table for a chew toy (she says the cat did it, but we’re not so sure). She loves to run and so we take her out to the woods several times a week.

After about two years, she stopped chewing the furniture and is now a model dog citizen, spending most of her free time taking naps, play-fighting with our kitten and sniffing “special” places on our walks.

There’s nothing quite like having your best friend greet you at the door and run around and bring toys every time you come home from work. A dog is always happy to see you regardless what kind of day you had.

In the past, I had asked people to donate to the CNYSPCA, however there is a new organization in town that finds great homes for hundreds and hundreds of dogs and is run completely by volunteers, and they need your help even more. They’re “Helping Hounds

While they would be very happy if you came in and adopted one of their furry friends, even if you can’t adopt right now, they always need food, supplies and most of all money. They caring for dozens of labs and hounds and need food and clean bedding every day; many need medical attention. They are funded only by your donations, so please send them something.

In fact, send them a bunch of money. I guarantee it will be put to very good use.

If you’re in an income bracket where if your car breaks you grumble, but don’t have to choose between driving and eating, then you can also afford to send them a hundred dollars. It will give you a happy feeling inside that you can’t get from anything else.

Sammi recently passed away, at a little less than 14 years old. She was a great friend and never wanted anything more than love, food, a run in the woods and a nearby sofa to snooze on.

She will be missed.