Kyoko’s Restaurant, Fayetteville NY

Kyoko’s is a small, quiet place with maybe a dozen tables and booths, with room for another dozen at the sushi bar. It’s a great place for a quiet get-away with “someone special” for amazing sushi for two, or an awesome dinner alone.

On days when the owner (Uske) is behind the counter, the sushi is as good or better than anything I’ve had anywhere in the world (except Morimoto’s). The quality of the fish is outstanding, the rice is perfect and he creates dishes that are so beautiful that I’m a little sad to have to disturb them in order to eat.

Unfortunately, Uske isn’t there every day and when it’s staffed by others, everything is OK, but nothing to get excited about. I’d almost prefer that the place was closed when he’s not around, since it’s quite disappointing to expect something amazingly beautiful and receive something that’s nice, but ordinary.

In any case, Uske is usually there, and the chance to get world-class sushi is well worth the occaisonal modest disappointment. I’d go back any time.