How to turn old, crystalized honey into beautiful, clear honey.

Clear honey after one trip through the dishwasher.
Clear honey after one trip through the dishwasher.

Sometimes I find a great deal on honey and buy more than I can use. After a few years, I look though the pantry and discover that I have half a bottle of awful, old honey with big grainy crystals in it.

Until now, all it was good for was ruining breakfast.

Now I found the solution!

It turns out that like everything else in cooking, it’s just physics and chemistry. (who would have thought!)

  • If the old honey is in a plastic jar, cut the top right off with a knife or scissors.
  • Using a sturdy spoon, scrape out all the old honey into a clean glass jar with a tight fitting lid. I used a peanut butter jar.
  • Make sure the top of the jar rim and lid are both clean and undamaged and screw the lid on tight.
  • Put the jar in the dishwasher.
  • The next time you run the dishwasher, let it complete it’s cycle normally, then leave it overnight without opening the door.
  • That’s it! You now have a beautiful, clear jar of honey!

How it works:

Honey is mostly sugar. Over time, the sugar crystallizes and forms lumps.

The hot water in the dishwasher returns the crystals back into solution, and the long, slow cool-off period prevents the crystals from re-forming.

You never have to throw out old honey again!