Export Plex Playlists and Music to Android – No PlexPass required

Have you ever tried to copy your media from Plex to your phone? Or export a playlist from Plex to your phone?

Unless you bought PlexPass, it doesn’t work. And if you did buy PlexPass it doesn’t work very well if you have a lot of files or they’re huge.

PlexExport.sh takes any playlist you have in Plex, creates an m3u playlist from it, and then copies the playlist and the media to your phone, regardless of size or quantity.

Please let me know if you like it, or don’t like it or if you have any suggestions.




  • adb (install from your package manager)
  • sqlite3 (install from your package manager)
  • grep (should already be installed)
  • cut (should already be installed)


  • This needs to be run on your Plex server since sqlite3 needs to actually open the database file to read it.
  • After copying the media files, you may need to reboot your phone to see the new files. My phone only re-scans the music at boot for some reason.


  • In PlexExport.sh: set android_music_dir to point to wherever your phone keeps it’s music
  • Connect your phone to your computer via USB
  • In your phone: Enable USB Debugging on your phone in “Developer Tools”
  • Open a command prompt (shell) on your computer and run: ./PlexExport.sh with no options to show your playlists.
  • Run  ./PlexExport.sh “name of your playlist in quotes” to copy the playlist and media to your phone.



Download from github