Tokyo Seoul, Dewitt, NY (Syracuse)

Tokyo Seoul is a family-owned Japanese/Korean restaurant with an excellent sushi bar as well as hibachi and non-hibachi tables.

I can’t say anything about the hibachi, since I never order it, however they have world-class sushi, a great sushi chef and a unique spicy-tuna recipe (my favorite) that doesn’t use mayonnaise. The sushi bar is extremely clean and well lit, all the fish is beautiful and fresh, and I’ve never had a bad meal in the 15+ years I’ve been eating there.

I’m extremely fond of the kimchee, and if you’re a fan of “spicy” you should give it a try.

A full sushi dinner will run somewhere in the $25-$30 range.

It’s nice and calm without being dead-quiet, the staff is friendly with good timing (food doesn’t come out too fast or too slow). If you’re on Erie Blvd in Dewitt, NY and hungry, I’d definitely give them a try.

OTOH, if you’re thinking more along the lines of $12 instead of $30, you won’t go wrong with the New Fuji Buffet, which is about two blocks west.

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