Frankie’s Piccolo Bistro

Frankie’s  is a small, intimate place to bring you and your “special someone.” It has a small bar and maybe 10 or 12 tables that seat two people each. Both the staff and customers are really friendly and we talked to the couple next to us for quite a while.

Almost all of the staff is family, and the few that aren’t said they “feel like family.”

The food was really nice. It’s like if you had an Italian grandmother, and she was a really good cook. There’s nothing weird here, just classics, done really, really well.

I had Tomato Soup, Garlic Bread and Chicken Parmigiana, and everything was “the best I ever had” for each item. The Tomato Soup was thick enough to be a sauce, and tasted full of ripe tomatoes and basil. The Chicken Parm was evenly pounded out, which makes it cook evenly and is a step most other places skip. It was very tender, cooked perfectly and tasted exactly like it was supposed to, which is more than I can say for what I’ve had in a lot of other places. And while it’s my understanding that Garlic Bread is an American invention, I’m still a sucker for it. The bread was fresh and hot, with a nice crust and the garlic was “just right”.

Frankie’s definitely gets “Two Thumbs Up” (and a big thank-you!).


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