Awesome Cheeseburgers

Favalo Brothers was a small meat market and grocery store that had a grill right behind the meat case, and they made the most amazing, hot juicy cheeseburgers in the world. They ground the beef right there, cooked it on an old cast iron grill, and served it hot and juicy on plain white bread with a slice of American cheese. The cheese  melted all over the burger and the bread soaked up all the juices.

It was a completely singular experience, and no burger I’ve had since then has even come close.

Unfortunately, they closed in the late 60’s. Now it’s just a parking lot. The brothers are gone, the store is gone and the building is gone.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about the cheeseburgers, and spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what made them so awesome. The I finally figured it out. “The Secret” is high quality meat that you grind yourself and then immediately cook.

Who would have guessed? 😎

2 Lbs Chuck Roast with plenty of visible fat.
8 Slices Good Italian Bread
4 Slices American, Provolone or your favorite cheese
Kosher Salt
Freshly Ground Black Pepper


  • Meat Grinder
  • Cast Iron Frying Pan or Griddle.


  • Cut the roast into cubes about 1 inch square (not critical, they just have to fit into the grinder).
  • Fit the disk with the larger holes into the grinder (I’m using a Kitchen-aid Grinder Attachment)
  • Put everything including the grinder in the freezer until the roast is nearly frozen.
  • Take it out, fit the grinder on to the motorized base, and turn on. Feed the meat cubes through and catch the ground meat in a bowl
  • Sprinkle on about a teaspoon of salt and another teaspoon of pepper. Mix lightly.
  • Lightly form into four patties. Compress just enough so they don’t fall apart. Sprinkle a little kosher salt and freshly ground pepper over the tops.
  • Add a very small amount of vegetable oil to the pan, put the pan on stove and set on medium-high and wait until the oil just starts to smoke.
  • Lightly place burgers in the pan salted-side down. Sprinkle a little salt over the tops Don’t move the burgers!
  • Wait 4 or 5 minutes until a nice crust has formed and flip the burgers.
  • Cook until they have an internal temperature in the center of about 140°F (use a thermometer), which is medium. If you like them done more or less, feel free to experiment.
  • Put the burgers on a warmed plate, lay a slice of your favorite cheese over each (I like provolone) and let them rest.
  • Optional: Pour off the excess grease, turn off the heat and put four stacks of two slices of bread in the pan and cover. They’ll warm up, toast a little and soak up any juice.
  • Put the burgers between the bread and enjoy!

Serves 4 hungry people.

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