My Favorite Salt and Pepper Grinders

This is my favorite salt & pepper grinder set. It’s made by It looks cool on the table, works awesome and produces a nice consistent grind.

I used it every day. For two years. It didn’t rust, the barrel didn’t craze or get cloudy, it didn’t start to work “funny”. Every day it looked as new as the day I opened the box. It just kept grinding salt and pepper with no complaint.

Sadly, I managed to break one somehow, and contacted grind-gourmet, expecting to hear “Well, it’s 2 years old, sucks to be you!”

What I got instead was an apology and a replacement, with absolutely no problems, no arguing and no run-around.

So if you need a really cool set, go to their website and order it! I don’t get any sort of commission. This page is just my way of saying “Thank you” for standing behind your products!”

Reflex Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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